Michelle has had a career that has stretched across multi-nationals, start-ups, and charities/for-purpose organisations.

"Managing is simple; leading takes vision and courage."



Why do you want to be a mentor?

I’ve experienced being a mentor and a mentee over my career. As a mentee, I learnt the value of a good mentor and what qualities they had to support the learnings I needed at each career point. As a mentor, I view it also as a journey of personal growth as it involves reflecting on my own experiences, learning from mentees, and being able to adapt my approach to different personalities, learning and communication styles. Mentoring is also a deeply rewarding experience witnessing the progress and success of a mentee.
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Michelle has had a career that has stretched across multi-nationals, start-ups, and charities/for-purpose organisations. Michelle has been leading teams since her early 20’s so has experienced her share of triumphs and learnings.

Michelle has learnt that great leaders use their head and heart across all facets of their role … always.

And it is what Michelle has always striven to achieve. Make the tough decisions but do so with empathy. As Tim Arnold says “Expectations and grace are a package deal! One without the other will always work against you as a leader.”

Michelle is passionate about leading a good life which to Michelle means keeping her brain healthy through learning and connection with others, her body healthy through exercise and nutrition, and her heart healthy through being kind to others and herself.


Countries Michelle has worked in

Australia, New Zealand, Sea East Asia

Industries Michelle has worked in

Entertainment, Media & Advertising

Michelle's key roles and titles

Advisory Board member, Business Unit Manager, CEO & Founder, Chief Executive Officer, General Manager, Marketing Director, Sales Director / GM Sales, Vice President

Management Skills & Competencies

Adaptability & Resilience
Communication & Interpersonal Skills
Creativity & Innovation
Customer Focus and Management
Management & Strategy
Problem Solving & Decision Making

Companies Michelle has worked with

  • Wolters Kluwer
  • Pearson PLC
  • BCA Training
  • Unisson Disability
  • Be Centre Foundation

Michelle's current city

Sydney, Australia

Michelle's hobbies

I'm fortunate to have a partner to share my life with. He came into my life with his daughter so that makes me a step-mum. Having them both in my life has made me a better human in so many ways.

Michelle's book recommendation

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

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