It takes a Global Village to raise a Successful Modern Executive

Global Mentorship is a Global & Diverse Network of Experienced Executives & Industry Leaders available to Managers & Executives as One on One Mentors.

Our Leading Mentorship Programs

We offer a range of Mentorship Programs aimed at all levels of Executives and Managers.

Senior Executive Personal Growth Program

These 3 programs are for Senior Executives that are looking for a High Personal Growth experience to improve their impact on the job. They are Leaders that are passionate about continued Adult Learning and want to become role models for their peers and teams. High Performance and Authentic Leadership are part of their key drivers and motivations.

High-Flyers Mentorship Program

These programs are for Mid Level Executives that have demonstrated that they / or have been nominated because they are High Flyers and have High Potential. This is an investment in the up and coming Executives and Leaders of tomorrow. This is an opportunity to accelerate their development and fast track the Executive to a more Senior level of responsibility.

Career Transition & Transformation Mentorship

This Program is designed for Executives that are making a transition to a new Role, or a New Company and into a new Life Style. This a very Human Centred approach to a career or employment transition. It is a holistic program assiting with the logistical and emotional aspects of major career changes.

CEO / C Suite Extended One on One Sharing Sessions

This is a Unique and critical Program aimed at
C Suite Executives that need access to Experienced C Suite Executives as a Personal Confidant to talk to and engage with.

C Suite – How to create a Mentorship Culture - Workshop & Package​

This workshop and Package is designed for Leaders and Teams that want to either launch or improve their internal Mentoring Program.

Intense Personal Challenge & Reflection Day

This is a powerful and intimate (and Fun) One Day Mentoring Experience. It is an intense Personal Reflection Day that allows you to take the time to Stop, Look inside and Reflect in a structured way at Where you are, Why are you there, Who are you and Where are you wanting to go. There is also a unique Adult Learning experience built into the Day.

Accelerate Your Career

Research consistently demonstrates the following benefits for the Mentee: enhanced promotion rates, higher salaries, accelerated career mobility, improved identity, greater professional competence, increased career satisfaction, greater acceptance within the organisation and profession and decreased job stress.
(source: The Elements of Mentoring)
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Meet our Mentors

"A great mentor listens first and speaks last. Being non-judgemental, showing up to shine a light on mentees beyond what they had imagined."



"Whoever tells the best story wins."

Global Mentorship - Mentor



"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Global Mentorship - Mentor



"Be the change you want to see"



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