David has been a Chief Strategy Officer and worked with some of the world’s largest advertisers, global agency networks, and media sales houses.

"Until you fully understand who you are, you cannot truly show up and make the impact the world is waiting for."



Why do you want to be a mentor?

The mentor’s job is to help you get where you want to go faster. Help you see the things right in front of you by joining the dots and painting a clear picture of what you might feel but not be able to name. And then see the potential in you that you might not yet be able to see. We are all capable of more than we often give ourselves credit for. What’s it worth to find that spark that ignites you? For me, it’s worth applying everything I know to help someone find it, and that is why I love this work.
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David is driven by a desire to make sense of how things work, and that includes how people think, behave and also hold themselves back from fully showing up. David has been a Chief Strategy Officer and worked with some of the world’s largest advertisers, global agency networks, and media sales houses, all of which have given David a deep understanding of what it takes to connect, engage, build trust and form lasting relationships.

David’s passion is aviation, and he has a habit of breaking records and competing until he wins medals and championships; David sees himself as fiercely competitive and very driven.

David likes extreme activities and has always blended the discipline and challenges of aviation with leadership and strategy.
It’s not all been unicorns and rainbows. David had a brush with cancer and in his early childhood grew up as a gay kid in the 80s in a single-parent family on a council estate which has given David his fair share of challenges.

These experiences contribute to David’s expertise and approach to life.. They have taught David many lessons both at the time and in deep reflection on the things that can hold us back even when we think we are surging forward. David openly admits that he does not have all the answers but the ones he has he is open to willingly share.

Countries David has worked in

Australia, Europe, New Zealand

Industries David has worked in

Automotive & Transport, eCommerce & Electronics, Entertainment, Finance & Banking, Media & Advertising, Retail & Consumer Goods, Technology

David's key roles and titles

Advisor / Mentor, CEO & Founder, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer

Management Skills & Competencies

Adaptability & Resilience
Communication & Interpersonal Skills
Customer Focus and Management
Diversity & Social Responsibility
Management & Strategy
Problem Solving & Decision Making

Companies David has worked with

  • WPP
  • GroupM
  • Westpac
  • Hyundai
  • IPG Mediabrands
  • SCA
  • Initiative Media
  • Dentsu Aegis Media
  • Nike
  • GSK
  • Diageo
  • Virgin

David's current city

Sydney, Australia

David's hobbies

My passion and pursuit of aerial adventures has taken me to 21 countries. Along the way, I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into mastering many different aircraft types while exploring the opportunities and extreme challenges the sport of aviation offers. And yes, I did eventually become a blimp pilot!

David's book recommendation

The Ride of a Lifetime Robert Igor

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