Brian has enjoyed a long and successful career in media and Brian is known as a strategic and innovative commercial leader.

"Insight and Inspiration surrounds you. Be open to accepting it."



Why do you want to be a mentor?

Great mentors add perspective that can challenge and deliver a busy executive the right guidance on where to focus. An outsider view is often just what’s required for a person to take a much needed next step on their journey.
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Brian has enjoyed a long and successful career in media and Brian is known as a strategic and innovative commercial leader. Bringing a passion for insight (understanding data and its meaning) and creativity to problem solving has made Brian extremely effective in his roles. Identifying opportunity drives Brian.

When working with teams Brian likes to identify how they read the market, whether they are in tune with all the many sources of insight and opportunity that exist. Over the last few years this has led Brian to focus on developing executives and their strategies as opposed to being the deal maker. Brian finds this type of work exciting and fulfilling.

Recently Brian has taken on several board roles which seem a natural evolution, providing Brian with enormous satisfaction. High level engagement in strategy, risk and governance as well as the duties and responsibilities of directorship sit well with Brian at this stage of his career.

Brian’s other interests revolve around family, exploring in their camper trailer, skiing, cycling, photography and creative writing.

Countries Brian has worked in

Australia, Europe

Industries Brian has worked in

Entertainment, Media & Advertising

Brian's key roles and titles

Advisor / Mentor, Board Director, CEO & Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Sales Officer, Sales Director / GM Sales

Management Skills & Competencies

Adaptability & Resilience
Communication & Interpersonal Skills
Creativity & Innovation
Customer Focus and Management
Digital & Technical Literacy
Financial Acumen / P&L
Management & Strategy
Problem Solving & Decision Making

Companies Brian has worked with

  • Southern Cross Austereo Media Group Pty Ltd
  • Context Media
  • Ignite Media Brands
  • Full Circle Entertainment
  • Network Ten
  • The Nine Network
  • Nine Affiliate Sales

Brian's current city

Sydney, Australia

Brian's hobbies

Currently on the board of AusCycling, Chair of Boomtown, Executive Director of Context Media

Brian's book recommendation

Thinking Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman

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